After perhaps trying MANY different programs... this may be the one FREE training protocol that you use to finally:

Do 100 Consecutive Men's Style Pushups!

Before starting this or any exercise program, check with your physician. That said... if you can do FIVE pushups it's very likely I can get you to a hundred repetitions. Read on...

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  • The “MILO” and “MED” principles that make this program work… where others fail.
  • IMPORTANT! Less is more; how to increase your maximum pushups without  overtraining. You can finally stop letting injuries set you back!
  • The daily training protocol that brings results– EVERY time it’s followed— even with children or older (50+, even 60+) athletes. I’ve used this in my martial arts studio and personal training to get people from ALL walks and stages of life to do what only 1% of the athletes in the world can do… 100 consecutive, men’s style pushups.

Everyone that ends up being successful at a 100 pushup program applies these two principles, but most stumble onto it without even knowing. YOU can be assured of success if you know the score; if you don’t discover and follow these two principles… MILO and MED… you won’t succeed.

Keeping injury-free is important too. Imagine if you never had to ‘take a break’… because you always did just the right number of correct repetitions in your training and NO MORE. This is the most crucial and often overlooked facet of any 100-pushup program.

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